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Episode Name: Audition
Director: Brad Falchuk
Air Date: September 21, 2010

After coming back from summer break, Jacob gets everyone caught up on what the Glee Clubers have been up to, with some surprising new discoveries.
We are introduced to coach Beiste, who is the new Football Coach. She is one tough cookie and gets on Sue’s bad side immediately. Will and sue bond over their dislike for coach Beiste.
The Glee clubbers, try their best to get more members for glee club. Rachel hears Sunshine, a transfer student, sing and feels threatened by her talent, so immediately tries to sabotage Sunshine’s chances of getting into the club. Finn tries to get Sam, another transfer student, to try out as well.

My favorite performance of this episode was definitely “Empire State of Mind.” Not only was it the first song to kick off the new season, but it was funny. I don’t think they planned on it to that humorous, but it had me laughing. Seeing Finn, Kurt and Rachel trying to dance and rap to this song, just seemed absolutely ridiculous. But the best part was of course the amazing vocals from Mercedes and the brilliant dance moves from Mike Chang.
Now my least favorite performance would have to go to two performances. They both annoyed me in very similar ways, so I really couldn’t decide between them. The first performance was Rachel’s performance of “What I did for love” and the second one was Sunshine’s performance of “Listen”. Now I love the phenomenal voices of these two girls, but it’s just their lip-synching and gestures while they’re singing that I don’t like. They both completely overdo everything they sing; to where you know it’s completely fake. And I’m sure a lot of that has to do with Lea’s background, but it looks totally different and weird on television.

I have a couples favorite scenes from this episode. The first one is the first scene of the episode when Jacob is interviewing everyone about their summers. I loved how they incorporated Jacob into this episode; I thought it was really clever. It was a great way to catch everyone up on what’s been happening. Another scene that I loved was Sue and Will watching Coach Beiste get the pizza’s delivered to her. Even though I really hated how they treated Coach Beiste, it created some really cute Will and Sue moments. The fist bump moment mostly ;) And another scene I really enjoyed was when Will apologized to Coach Beiste for the way he was acting. This moment was the start of one adorable friendship.
Now my least favorite scene was when Rachel and Sunshine were singing telephone in the bathroom. I just thought it was really awkward and the fact that their voices had all these effects added to them was ridiculous. They wanted me to believe that they were really singing this in the bathroom and their voices just naturally sound like that? No way. I hate when they do this. But the best part of that scene was when Sue came in and them to “SHUT UP!” It was like she was reading my mind!!

Overall, I would give this episode three stars. It had some great moments and a lot of interesting new characters, but I feel that there is something lacking from it. I think what might have been missing for me, is the connection the songs have with the storylines. Usually the songs enforce what the characters feeling, but these songs were just basically random songs that didn’t do anything for the story. Another reason why I gave it three stars was because there was no Emma in it. After what happened in the season one finale, I thought she would be in it, but I was let down again. We didn’t see her for most of the back nine episodes in season one and we come back to her gone again.
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Barely a month had passed since Rachel left for NYU; leaving Quinn behind who had slowly grown into a depression, from missing someone she thought she would never miss.

Quinn could not take it anymore. She looked up the bus schedule and booked the first ticket to New York. Over and over in her head she replayed words she wanted to say for a long time, but just couldn’t.

Coincidence or not, Rachel was standing outside a little coffee shop by the bus stop; When their eyes met. All words left Quinn’s head and a smile spread across Rachel’s face.

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